I’m officially on holiday/unemployed, as I have finished my contract on the Day My Butt Went Psycho and going on holiday to Peru!
I have wanted to go there ever since I saw The Emperor’s New Groove back when it was first released. So here is my last post before I go venture off to Machu Picchu. I’m hoping to do some sketchbook drawings as I go.

Here is my latest children’s book page.

Looking forward to binge watching all the shows when I return, colouring more of my book, doing some Outlander fan art and putting together my folio for job applications.

See you when I get back tumblr pals!

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Say it with him…Sassenaaaaaach


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Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

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I need my boyfriend to start calling me My Brown Haired Lass/Mo Nighean Donn.
This video shows Sam pronouncing it properly.

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You’re so cold,  mo nighean donn. Your hands are like ice.

Waaaaaaw….my brown haired lass. *swoon*

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Claire: Its too long and heavy for me.

Rupert: Lassies say that to me all the time.

Oh Rupert. You sure are making me laugh and giving Claire the opportunity to give this “say what now?” face. Hahaha

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I like how Jamie still calls Claire “Sassenach” after they are married.

Yes Im watching episode 8 again.

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Am I the only one that’s realised the end part of that kiss is actually a kiss-take reversed? 

Yeah, i totally thought it looked odd. Replayed it and it does look reversed.

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Outlander. Episode 1x08: Both Sides Now

Claire & Jamie + Hands

(requested by: scrapping4you)

I love these hand screencaps.

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I have been a Tony Gillingham fan since he appeared…I like his persistence. I know im in the minority and he could possibly turn out to be a bad egg but I really want Mary to have some fun and he looks fun and he is meeting her half way…we have flashed forward it time remember. She must be getting lonely.

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Did anyone else find the mid season finale end credit music of Outlander quite piratey?

Im not sayin’ that’s a bad thing…it just really revved me up to want more.

I need to rewatch the finale.

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Thank goodness Once Upon A Time returns this week because now I can transfer my Jamie and Claire fangirling back to Hook and Emma while Outlander goes on midseason break. Ye ken?

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Well I thought I was OK. 

Until this.  How gently he is holding and comforting her *weep*  

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Dear Santa/Father Christmas,

Please leave a Jamie Fraser on my window ledge this year.

From every Outlander fangirl on Earth.

PS. If you run out, Frank is okay too…but just not ‘drunk alleyway’ Frank.

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